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San Diego County Food Vision 2030 is being led by the San Diego Food System Alliance—including our Staff, Board of Directors, Leadership Council, Steering Committee, and Community Partners.

The San Diego Food System Alliance (“the Alliance”) uses the power of collaboration to cultivate a healthy, sustainable, and just food system in San Diego County. Founded in 2012, the Alliance is a network of over 150 organizations working across sectors to promote collaboration, influence policy, and catalyze transformation in the food system.

Our Mission

Our mission is to cultivate a healthy, sustainable, and just food system in San Diego County.

Our Vision

We envision vibrant community food systems rooted in justice and sustainability, where everyone has equitable opportunity to produce, distribute, prepare, serve, and eat nutritional and culturally appropriate food.

In our vision, producers and food workers are treated fairly, sustainable and regenerative practices are prioritized, people are engaged, communities are empowered, and farms, fisheries, and food businesses are thriving and contributing to local economies.

Your input will be used to shape San Diego County Food Vision 2030. Food Vision 2030 is a plan for transforming our food system over the next ten years. We’re looking to you to help us prioritize issues and speak up about what you envision.

What you share with us will help us design goals & objectives and direct resources in a way that meets the needs of all communities in San Diego County.

We may want to reach out to you to follow up on responses you submit on this website or develop community stories, so we encourage you to include your email address if you have one. We always abide by our Storytelling Ethics when sharing content and are grateful for your participation.

Please subscribe to our newsletter on the footer of this page, and follow us on social media (Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / LinkedIn).

We encourage subscribing to our newsletter on the footer of this page, and following us on social media (Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / LinkedIn).

You can also visit the “Get Involved” page on the Alliance’s website for a list of ways to get involved with our organization.

Visit 2-1-1 San Diego's “Food Assistance Resources” page for more information on accessing CalFresh, food banks, emergency food services, WIC, and more.

You can also dial 2-1-1 to be connected with a 24-hour helpline.

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Elly Brown

Executive Director at SDFSA

Elly began her role at the Alliance as a Facilitator in 2015 and transitioned to leading the organization as a staffed Director in 2016. Elly is passionate about multi-sector collaboration and triple-bottom line approaches that balance social, environmental, and economic goals for communities.

Sona Desai

Associate Director at SDFSA

Sona has been working to advance sustainable and equitable food systems for more than 20 years. She has a background in organic farming, food marketing & distribution, farm business development, and is recognized nationally as a leader in community food systems development.

Scott Sawyer

Research Director at SDFSA

Scott Sawyer grew up in Southern California before being charmed away to Vermont, where he was the lead author, editor, and designer of Vermont's Farm to Plate Initiative. His work includes researching, analyzing, writing, editing, evaluating, and designing for a variety of food system, renewable energy, forest products, and sustainability programs.

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