Food Vision 2030 is a plan for transforming San Diego County's food system over the next ten years.

San Diego is home to bountiful farmers markets, small farms and fisheries, a vibrant restaurant and craft beer scene. But for many who live and work here, there is a divide between this perception and the reality of our region. We face serious challenges that need to be addressed: a shrinking agriculture sector; barriers to marketing local food; underinvestment in the same neighborhoods decade after decade, which leads to persistent food insecurity.

The food supply in our country is heavily consolidated, and contributes to climate change and loss of biodiversity. Structural inequities have kept marginalized communities—particularly Black, Indigenous, and people of color—from accessing healthy food or having the power to determine their food environments.

Meeting these challenges at home and preparing for those on the horizon will require San Diego County to take bold and coordinated action.

How is Food Vision 2030 being developed?

The San Diego Food System Alliance launched Food Vision 2030 with the understanding that the time to reimagine and reconfigure our food system is now. The pandemic and recent events highlighting deeply entrenched racial injustices are reinforcing that developing Food Vision 2030 is more important than ever. There is no question that our current path is unsustainable and transformations must take root at the community level.

To develop Food Vision 2030, we have created an inclusive process that engages the full community, including people who produce, prepare, distribute, serve, and eat food. We seek to build a shared vision—one that includes voices from the public, private, and philanthropic sectors in addition to community members, particularly those most affected by current inequities in the food system. Food Vision 2030 will include high-priority goals, objectives, and strategies, and will culminate in a final report, website, and interactive dashboard.

The goal of Food Vision 2030 is to inform planning, policy, program, and investment opportunities that improve the food system in San Diego County.

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